Best Golf Grips of 2021

Golf Guide / Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

Why the whole production over golf grips? This inexpensive part of your golfing gear can be the deciding factor in your game. I know, I know, the latest golf cart accessories are much more inviting than a club grip. Perhaps the ‘ordinariness’ of this humble piece of equipment is the reason why so many players neglect to pay adequate attention to it. Try to keep your eye on the fact that these are vital when it comes to controlling of the club. In fact, your golf grip choice will have a direct bearing on the flight of the ball.

Both size and texture play a major role. While many players opt for a fairly bulky style, a more neutral size may be beneficial. At the other end of the spectrum, too small a golf grip may result in drawing or pulling of the ball. The larger styles may be more comfortable if you have a joint ailment.

Opt for a smaller design if you have a tendency to slice the ball. If you tend to hook the ball, a larger option may get you into a more desired groove.

Some golf equipment companies make use of color-coding to simplify the process of choosing the right match for you. A wide variety of materials are available, each with specific characteristics. Some of the most well-known brands are Golf Pride, Winn golf grips, Lamkin golf grips, Tacki-Mac, Avon, Karakal and the Tour collection.

6 Manufacturing Styles To Choose From:

Polymer: These soft-style designs are now often manufactured from a substance called EPDM. The finished product has excellent friction and remains in good condition for a long time.

Rubber: These are usually a mixture of rubber and cork. These slip-on styles are pressure molded, sanded and finished with paint. They usually come with a rib that helps to guide hand placement. Golf Pride’s all-rubber design comes with a firm, black core that extends to the surface in certain areas. This becomes your thumb-placement guide and adds extra stability. This is an excellent golf club grip to try if you have arthritis.

Leather: Although not suitable for wet weather, cowhide or calfskin collections offer what is known as good tackiness. This is one of the less affordable options on the market.

Corded: These are excellent for use when it is raining, due to its non-slip properties. Thread is used to cord a mix of synthetic and natural rubber golf grips. It is quite understandable that these are not glove-friendly. One example of this is Golf Pride’s Tour Velvet Cord material.

3M Greptile Gripping Material: This superb material offers a high level of tackiness, friction and hold in all kinds of weather. Part of the secret is that it releases just as easily. If you long to achieve a consistent, golf super swing, 3M may offer exactly what you need. Thousands of tiny ‘fingers’ help you to hold your club with less effort. The injection-molded design is manufactured from a material with a polyurethane base. Unique strips are also available if you want to modify your gloves for better performance in wet weather.

Thermoplastic Rubber: Why not join the ‘in’ crowd with the Funky Golf collection made from thermoplastic rubber? The vibrant colors will brighten your day. These golf grips won’t absorb sweat and will retain their tackiness for long periods.

These are some manufacturing styles from which you can choose one:

When it comes to putters, you can choose between a paddle grip and a pistol style. Take a look at the Lamkin Deep-Etched Paddle design with its deep, horizontally etched pattern.

Many companies provide products for people with joint problems. The Lamkin Arthritic with its nubbed texture is another example of this effort to make the sport comfortable and accessible to people with arthritis. This particular line reduces hand pressure noticeably.

A variety of tools are available to help you to remove old grips without damaging your club shaft. One of these is the Rhino Rip tool which slides on top of the shaft and slices through the outer material. It has been designed to be safe for use on graphite shafts as well.

You need to consider the weight as well, as this has a significant effect on your swing’s weight. Don’t make a change without taking this into consideration. The two major factors when making a decision has to do with the core of the grip and the outer dimension of the shaft of the club. If your grips are worn out, you will probably be holding your club with too much tension in your hands, arms, and shoulders, affecting your distance severely.

The right golf grip can have a marked effect on the quality of your game, and transform you from a mediocre golfer into a worthy opponent.

6 Best Golf Grips Reviews: The Most Recommended

1) Champkey WRAP-LITE Polymer Golf Grips 

WRAP- LITE is ergonomically manufactured with a unique wrap-around structure that effectively enhances the grip of the club’s grip, which helps you to have a better lock your club and reduce hand pressure. The inner structure of grip is made by rubber material that can get the soft feel and precise feedback in golf. The outer structure of grip made by STP (exclusive soft tacky polymer) which provides a great astringent and comfortable.

As the Champkey’s Golf Grips are made of Polymer they have better shock absorption capability. Significantly it reduces the pressure on the body and hands, reducing the damage to the human body. Can also be used if the hand is uncomfortable or has strain.

Key Features:-

  1. STP Polymer Material.
  2. Amazing wrap design.
  3. Responsive material.
  4. Texture control.
  5. Lighter pressure.
  6. Shock absorption.
  7. Moderate feedback.
  8. Re-gripping notes.

What’s included in Box:-

  1. 2 Golf Grips.
  2. 2 pcs Tape.
  3. 6*6 inches clean cloth.

Manufacturing Style: – Polymer

2) SAPLIZE Golf Grips, Rubber Golf Club Grips, Standard/Mid Size

SAPLIZE Golf Grips comes with very simple Classic debossing pattern, light color lines and arrow printed on pure black rubber. It uses superior rubber of special formula. These golf strips are Abrasion resistant, high stability,anti-slip, and good shock-absorption. The interesting thing is it is suitable for all weather conditions.

With the help of clear aiming printings printed on grip, you can position quicker in your play. The deep deboss printings help to generate more frictions. Not only on the front side, but also on the back of the SAPLIZE grip you could find more deboss printings. The arrow sign printed on the front side helps you aligning the grip when you regrip your club. And also you can find the best angle for the club face immediately, before your every swing.

Key Features:-

  1. Aiming Printings.
  2. Back Details.
  3. Arrow Printing.
  4. Moisture Free.

What’s included in Box:-

  1. 13 Grips.
  2. 15 Tapes Bundle.

Manufacturing Style: – Rubber

3) Champkey Breath Golf Putter Grip – Pure Handmade Genuine Leather Golf Grip Ergonomics Design

The genuine leather material of sewn sheepskin grip has an aggressive perforation that gives a higher level of traction and control in hot, wet and humid conditions while still affording an amazingly soft touch. Breathing holes in grip performs the natural breathing action of leather helps preserves the gripping properties of grip for a long time.

Champkey uses the finest quality hand-stitched sheepskin leather. They combine the inner soft material with outer sheepskin and drills holes in the leather to gives you a better grip on clubs when push. Moisture in the air or from the skin is absorbed, then it reacts with the Soft Material to create soft but tacky grip.

Key Features:-

  1. Rubber Inner Tube.
  2. Breathing Hole.
  3. Exclusive Handmade Stitched Grip.
  4. Exclusive Technology.
  5. Genuine Leather Material.

What’s included in Box:-

  1. Champkey Golf Putter Grip.

Manufacturing Style: –Leather.

4) Karma Full Cord Golf Grip Kit

The Karma full cord grips feature the classic color scheme with a familiar and proven grip pattern. It offers superior control even in wet or very humid conditions. Soft corded body construction gives extra traction and superior control in all weather conditions without being harsh on your glove or hands.

It will don’t even let you wear a golf glove unless it’s very hot and sweaty out. The corded grips have a great feel, and too simple to replace and it is inexpensive. A vise is required to install grips. This full kit will help you to make the required corrections or repairs in the golf club grip using the solvent present in the kit.

Key Features:-

  1. Soft Corded Body.
  2. Extra Traction and Superior Control against all Weather Conditions.
  3. Takes care of your hands and gloves.
  4. Simple To Replace.

What’s included in Box:-

  1. 13 Karma Velour Full Cord Grips.
  2. 13 strips of 2″ wide grip tape.
  3. 4-ounce bottle of grip solvent.
  4. Rubber vise clamp and instructions.

Manufacturing Style: – Corded.

5) The GolfWork’s Universal Golf Shaft Extensions For Graphite or Steel Shafts

The Golf Works Universal Golf Shaft extensions will work with almost any steel or graphite shaft. It is made with impressive design and good quality. It is easy to install and places perfectly in your club. With its low torque tip and mid-low bend point and stiffness produces the optimal launch angle and ball spin.

The golf shaft Incorporates unique composite construction to create innovative and new shaft flex profile for maximum distance and control. This extension is lightweight and doesn’t add much static weight to the club.

Key Features:-

  1. Work With any Graphite or Steel Shaft.
  2. Applies with little epoxy.
  3. Better Durability.
  4. Easy Installation.

What’s included in Box:-

  1. 3 Pack Universal Golf Shaft Extensions
  2. User Manual.

Manufacturing Style: – Graphite Gripping Material.

6) Golf Pride MCC Plus4 New Decade Multi-Compound Golf Grip

MCC Plus4 has two uniquely formulated compounds to create the performance of two grips in one. Promoting the less tension in the hands and more fluidity throughout the swing creates more power. It is mainly composed of soft brushed cotton and rubber.

With global Tour players trusting Golf Pride, nobody knows grip preferences better than Golf Pride. Many Tour players build up their grips to reduce tension in hands. With less tension, more power and the most powerful swings in the game using Golf Pride golf grip.

The manufacturing style is intentionally not mentioned, because we have not sure-shot information about that.

Key Features:-

  1. Composed of Soft Brushed Cotton and Rubber.
  2. Larger Lower Hand.
  3. All-Weather Control.
  4. Maximum Surface Texture.

What’s included in Box:-

  1. Golf Pride’s MCC Plus4 Golf Grip.
  2. Installation Manual.

Conclusion: Here we have explained how to improve golf grip and which are the golf grips you should buy.