Best Golf Mats in 2021

Our Best Picks / Friday, July 19th, 2019

Are you a golf lover? Do you want to play/practice golf, but there is no space in your yard or you don’t want to spoil your grass or you want to play indoor, If you have any of this question or problem-The answer and solution is GOLF MATS. You can use the portable golf mats to play indoor, to put it on your grass or you can travel with it wherever you want and enjoy golf experience any time.

The Best Golf Mats are really great for the people who don’t have the luxury of hitting on real grass. With Golf Mats, you can play or practice golf in winter climates and if you aren’t able to get to the course, golf mat can be the best beneficial option for you. In the case of golf mats, you don’t have to worry about the weather in which you play or heat around you, you can hit golf balls passionately anytime and in any weather you want.

It is essential that you choose a golf mat that will fit in your style and in your game-play because having a premium quality golf mat is your way of simulating the real golf feeling that you have experienced on the course or turf. You should not get settle for anything less than the best one, and don’t hit your golf balls from an old, worn doormat or from an old carpet.

A best-selected golf mat gives you the possibility of practicing and enjoying your golf strokes during the entire winter season, so that you can not only maintain the golfer within you, but also improve your skills, and return to the course next season better than you were before. Secondly, golfing is a way of relaxation, so if you are feeling bored, stressed, or annoyed you can just pick up your golf club and play a bit in the comfort of your lovely home or at the office to feel joyful and relaxed within yourself.

Choosing the best golf mats is more important because the best quality golf mat will most definitely maximize your practice session, while a poorly developed golf mat can destroy any golf club in your bag itself. Golf mats are the awesome training items that will make your training session more enjoyable for sure.

There are three main types in the Golf Mats as, Normal Size Mat, Hitting Area Mat, and a Divot Producing Mat. Let us take a short overview of these three types.

  • Normal Size Mats – These are usually 3’ x 5’ or 5’ x 5’ of size. Using these mats you can stand on the mat and hit a ball with full swing.
  • Hitting Area Mats – These are usually 1’ x 1’ of size. These kind of mats are pretty small and these mats are not designed to be stood on, it is made only for hitting. They need a leveling mat for support.
  • Divot Producing Mats – These kinds of mats are made using high-tech methods and materials. After your every hit, these mats will retract in order to replicate the feel of the real grass.

Other mats which don’t fall into these three categories can be said as Putter Mats or Green Putter. Also, there are Standing Mats which needs Hitting Mats for support.

Considering the above all aspects, I with my team picked up 15 best golf mats which will help you to select your best one, Just continue to read this article.

15 Best Golf Mats Reviews: The Most Recommended

1) Rukket Tri-Turf Golf Hitting Mat

The Rukket Tri-Turf portable golf mats are the perfect golf mats for the on-the-go golf players. This mat has such build quality that if you throw it down in your garage, backyard, or basement you will be ready to practice in just matter seconds. The best build quality of this product makes you more careful about your golf shot during the practice sections. Using Rukket Golf Mat you can Test yourself with different lies so that you are prepared to stick it close to the pin from the fairway or rough.

The thick base of the mat allows you to be stable and durable. Also, the mat is designed in such way that, you will have the confidence within yourself to hit thousands of balls, off the mat and mat will not move after each shot. Because of having the extra thick rubber base, the mat will be always in place during your practice session. This mat is built using the highest standards and can be a product that you can choose for Longevity and Durability.

You can practice any lie you want with the tough, fairway, and tight lie separation, so that there is never a shot that you won’t be prepared for on the course with your partners/friends. The Real feel of artificial grass gives you realistic conditions of golf so, when you are out on the course, every shot is perfect and instinctual.

Key Features:-

  1. Thick 2mm Rubber Base.
  2. High-quality Grass.
  3. Built to at Last 1000s of Swings.
  4. Train from Every Lie.

What’s included in Box:-

  1. Rukket 25in x 16in Tri-Turf Golf Hitting Mat Attack.
  2. Rukket Practice Balls.
  3. Plastic Tees of Varying Heights.

Type of Mat: – Normal Size Mat cum Divot Producing Mat.

2) Real Feel Golf Mats The Heavy Duty Commercial Practice Mat

Real Feel Golf Mats are by the best-renowned company. This company has received the best feedback from the well-known golf players/teachers like Mike Bender, Brian Manzella, Shawn Clement and many more.

The Real Feel Golf Mats are made with Densely Tufted Turf 2x. This is just double than the standard golf mats. If you are facing with Bounce Problem with your existing golf mat, this can be the best choice. This is recognized as the Original Country Club Elite Golf Practice Mat over the world.

Once you buy this mat you don’t have to worry about the Longevity, you can hit more than around 15,000 shots per year. If you sincerely used it regularly the mat can help you to correct your golf issue without injuring yourself. After using it for 2-3 years you can hardly see the wear on the mat.

You can use it for a long time without having jarring in the hands or wrist while using this mat. Though mat is not much lightweight, it can be rolled up and you can get it anywhere you want. The mat creates a much better experience of having real turf at home.

Key Features:-

  1. The Original Authentic Country Club Elite Mat.
  2. Real Feel Golf Mats – Fringe.
  3. Quick and True Putting Turf.
  4. True Divot Action.
  5. No Bounce Effect.

What’s included in Box:-

  1. Real Feel’s Original Country Club Elite 3’x5′ Heavy Duty Commercial Golf Practice Mat.

Type of Mat: – Normal Size Mat cum Divot Producing Mat.

3) Putt-A-Bout Green Golf Putting Mat

Putt-A-Bout Green Golf Putting Mat is indoor putting golf mat. This indoor putting mat is an essential training aid that can help you improve your putting techniques. With regular use of this mat, you will notice the significant improvements in your stance, putting accuracy, body swing, tempo, and distance control which will give you much more confidence and clarity every time you step onto the golf course.

The Traditional Indoor Putting Greens are generally available in a plain rectangular shaped mat with only one hole, which can lead to a very boring and repetitive putting practice sessions. But this golf mat is presented in a unique kidney-shaped design with at most 3 holes, which gives you the freedom to practice your putting strokes from different distances and angles. The surface of this putting golf mat is also designed to stay leveled and smooth for many numbers of years.

Putt-A-Bout golf putting mat has a wide and thick construction that will ensure long-lasting durability of the mat. This golf mat comes with premium rubber backing which prevents the green putting from sliding and slipping while you are in the full mood of the play. This putting mat also features two sand trap cutouts which are intentionally placed behind the 3 holes, so that golf balls don’t roll out of the mat and also to catch the missed shots.

Key Features:-

  1. Feels Just Like a Real Golf Course Green.
  2. High-quality Putting Surface.
  3. 3 Practice Cup Cutouts.
  4. Non-skid Backing.
  5. Comfortable Measures of 3 by 9 feet.
  6. Durable and Long-lasting.
  7. Natural Elevation and the Realistic Surface.
  8. Practice Anytime, Anywhere.
  9. Manufactured from PET Resin.
  10.  Built-in Sand Trap Cutouts to Catch Missed Shots.

What’s included in Box:-

  1. Putt-A-Bout’s green golf putter.

Type of Mat: –  Normal Size Mat cum Green Putter/Putter Mat.

4) Callaway Golf FT Launch Zone Hitting Mat

Callaway Golf FT Launch Zone Hitting Mat is a personal golf turf which you can keep right at your home or at the office. You can practice your tee shots or fairway without hitting up the real range or the course. The Callaway FT Launch Zone Hitting Golf Mat provides a real turf feeling to give you true practice for your golf game. This mat is resistant to any wear or tears of your golf club and was created with an ultra-durable rubber layer to add extra protection against any unexpected scratches and marks make from your clubs. 

You can use this golf mat when, you are tired of trying to one-up your game in your backyard, or not getting the golfing feels when you take your clubs to the golfing range with your friends.  The ultra-durable, heavy rubber backing used in this mat, minimizes the sliding impact and protect your hands, wrists, and clubs from scratches and damage by softening the strike. The weight of this Callaway golf mat is intentionally kept higher so that it can minimize slide on impact when you are hitting the golf shot.

The Callaway Launch Mat offers greater shock absorption and club protection. The patented tee holder attached to this mat holds any tee of your choice. Because of the high-quality material the green color of the artificial grass doesn’t colors your club.

Key Features:-

  1. Ultra-durable Rubber Backing.
  2. Greater Shock Absorption Capability.
  3. Patented Tee Holder.
  4. Heavier Weight Minimizes Slide on Impact.
  5. Best Club Protection.

What’s included in Box:-

  1. Callaway Golf FT Launch Zone Hitting Mat.
  2. Removable Patented Tee Holder.

Type of Mat: – Hitting Area Mat.

5) Fiberbuilt Flight Deck Golf Hitting Mat

Fiberbuilt Flight Deck Golf Hitting Mat is an oval-shaped indoor- outdoor artificial grass golf hitting mat. Fiberbuilt manufacturer is a leader in the world for most durable commercial-grade range golf hitting mats. Fiberbuilt golf mats turf performs closer to fairway grass than any other local conventional turf. This mat is also tested with the Launch Monitors of home golf simulators.

The Oval shape of this hitting surface can teach you swing path and alignment for better on-course performance for all types of clubs. The advanced proprietary fiber technology and golf hitting mat design allow you to hit down and through the ball to avoid turf shock injuries to hands, wrists, arms, elbows, and shoulders. Golfers, who are serious about their game improvement, can hit more balls with the confidence that their practice at home will definitely lead to lower scores on the course with your friends and colleagues for sure.

The Durable and adjustable height tee of up to 2” is included with this mat. Because of its adjustability, you can practice tee shots with any club, from the oversized drivers to fairway woods, to ions, to hybrids.

Key Features:-

  1. Play Tee shots with any golf club.
  2. Adjustable Height of Tee.
  3. Injury Prevention.
  4. Oval Shape Golf Hitting Mat.
  5. Grass-like Fairway.
  6. Get longest outdoor-indoor 300,000 shots with a guarantee.

What’s included in Box:-

  1. Fiberbuilt Flight Deck Golf Hitting Mat.
  2. Adjustable Tee.

Type of Mat: – Hitting Area Mat.

6) OUTAD Golf Putting Mat

OUTAD Golf Putting Mat is an indoor Golf training mat putting system and long challenging putter. It has smart automatic ball return system in which, the “adjustable gravity ball return”, rolls the ball to the specific length of putt you are practicing in so that you need not waste time in walking to the hole to retrieve the ball. This results in saving your energy, which you can use for playing.

The Dual-Track ProEdge system offers the best durability compared to other mats. Outad’s golf mats having the true roll turf provides a realistic putting surface just like a High-end Golf Course. Due to its good portability and flexibility, it is very easy to store it in congested/small places like under your office table or in your house in a cupboard.

The small size of cups will help you to dramatically improve your putting game fast by practicing regularly. The uniquely designed cups of 2-inches and 3-inches will help you to develop your laser precision accuracy with much more speed. The white conspicuous auxiliary line makes the goal more accurate for your training.

Key Features:-

  1. Easy to Store.
  2. Smart Automatic Ball Return System.
  3. High-Quality Putting Green.
  4. Additional Auxiliary Line.
  5. Uniquely Designed Cups.
  6.  True Roll Turf.

What’s included in Box:-

  1. OUTAD Golf Putting Mat.
  2. Adjustable Ball Return Strips.
  3. User Assembly Manual.

Type of Mat: – Putter Mats/Green Putter.

7) VariSpeed Putting System

VariSpeed Putting System is the most unique and versatile home putting/mat. It has an ability to adjust the speed of your putt and create the custom breaks, it is just like having several putting mats in one easy to use package. The VariSpeed Putting System is perfect for keeping your skills and you can entertain your guests too. Its Smart Guideline notations allow you to perfect your putt and enable several fun games to be played any time.

VariSpeed’s unique fibers will allow you to adjust the speed of the green in just a matter of seconds. You can choose from 4 different speeds for your play, by simply just brushing the mat in either direction with the supplied roller brush or as mentioned in the user manual. When you hit the ball, your ball creates a visible trace o mat, which allows you to carefully analyze the path of every putt to perfect your golfing technique. Once you are done with your calculations, you can easily erase the traces using the brush.

You can also adjust the slope of the mat with custom measurements using the break wedge provided with this product.  You can adjust the height of the break wedge and slide it under the mat to hide it or when you don’t need that one. Keeping the break in between is an excellent training exercise to prepare for the real-world conditions. There are also printed guidelines on the VariSpeed mat, which not only allow you to judge the distance and direction of your putt but also used to play a number of exciting games with the same mat.

VariSpeed golf putter mat makes storage very easy. You simply have to roll the mat up and place it back in its original box and you’re done. This Product is really compact enough to fit conveniently in your closet and rolls out flat every time you moods to play. This golf mat measures 10 feet long by 20 inches wide. VariSpeed’s unique design enables endless possibilities for creating your own golf exercises and games to keep you putting for years to come.

Key Features:-

  1. Visible Ball Traces.
  2. Custom Breaks.
  3. Compact Storage.
  4. Smart Guidelines.
  5. Adjustable Speeds.
  6. Play Different Games with the Same Mat.

What’s included in Box:-

  1. VariSpeed Putting Mat.
  2. Break Wedge.
  3. Silicon Cup with Flag.
  4. 2 Ball Bumpers.
  5. Speed Adjusting Roller/Ball Trace Eraser.
  6. Training Guide.

Type of Mat: – Normal Size Mat cum Green Putter.

8) GoSports BattleChip Backyard Golf Cornhole Game

GoSports BattleChip Backyard Golf Cornhole Game is an exciting hybrid system between the golf and corn hole for the outdoor game. This is very easy to learn and fun for all levels of skills. You can host your own golf tournament in your backyard with your friends or family members. Once you buy this product you can compete around the course of 9 holes with 2-4 players of all levels.

The Go Sports Battle Chip target is very lightweight but yet it has sturdy 3’x2’ PVC frame for easy portability and also it features unique tear-proof fabric playing surface for long-lasting durability. This whole set assembles in just 60 seconds and you will be ready to start chipping.

There are Wedge, Lob Wedge, and Sand Wedge attached with this mat for maximum enjoyment. Also, the Foam golf balls included with this pack will allow you to test your golf skills for both indoor and outdoor plays. At the time of play, Battle Chip target will remain still, and the chipping mat will be moved by players over the course. Because of this, you can test yourself from different distances.

As it has easy portability, it makes BattleChip a breeze to take on the go. This mat is constructed from the lightweight PVC material. It has very less weight of 10 pounds, so it can be stored in very compact places using the compact carrying case.

Key Features:-

  1. Ultra-Portable.
  2. Golf Meets Cornhole.
  3. Skill Boosting.
  4. Sets Up in Under a Minute.
  5. Extra Water and Sand Hole.
  6. For Kids and Adults.

What’s included in Box:-

  1. Golf 3’x2’ Target.
  2. Hitting Mat.
  3. Amazing 16 Color Foam Balls.
  4. Carry Case.

Type of Mat: – Normal Size Mat.

9) OOFIT Golf Putting Mat

OOFIT Golf Putting Mat is a challenging fair game with a combination of strategy, skill and a little luck, which will make you play it over and over again. This golf putting mat allows you to enjoy the game of golf indoors or outdoors without visiting the main golf course. So, you can practice your golf game on your patio, office room, bedroom or backyard as well. 

OOFIT golf mat can be easily rolled up and stored in its original box. Mat will not take much space to set up and because of its lighter weight, it can be traveled anywhere you want to. The feeling of the mat is pretty similar to the green grass of the real golf course. You will be able to pone your skills of aiming if you practice with this mat regularly.

The putting mat can be the great fun for all ages, from your children to grandparents, friends to your girlfriend, it will be the encaustic game ever you played. According to me, it is also good for a Christmas or birthday gift for your friends, colleague, children because the mat is perfect in all aspects – price is cheap, it is durable, portable and many more qualities can be your criteria.

Key Features:-

  1. Easy Roll Up.
  2. Light Weight.
  3. Similar to Green Golf Course.
  4. Suitable For Any Age.
  5. Skill Improving.

What’s included in Box:-

  1. 1 Golf Putting Mat.
  2. 8 Golf Practice Balls ( 4 White and 4 Yellow ).
  3. 1 Manual.

Type of Mat: – Normal Size Mat.

10) ProAdvanced ProInfinity Putting Mat

ProAdvanced ProInfinity Putting Mat is a Brand New Metal Golf Goal and Solpe Simulator which has the superior build quality and great playtime with many different custom variations in one single kit. This kit comes with many different gadgets/accessories to customize the golf mat in many difficulties according to your level of golf skills.

The PRO-INFINITY Putting Mat can be the ultimate premium mat which will simulate an actual super-smooth putting green surface for you. This advanced putting green (Golf Mat) is uniquely designed with 4 different putting speeds for different training needs. Mat is also provided with 6 foam wedges, 2 slope creators, and many more (All accessories are mentioned below), which can be placed anywhere on the mat to create the difficulties, barriers, and simplicity in the game for kids as well as adults.

When you play, a rolling ball will leave a trail/path-impression on the mat, by which you will get instant and accurate feedback. You can experience 4 different speeds while playing on this mat, which will improve your short distance hit and many other skills. The surface material of the mat is super fine, super-dense microvilli. The backing material of the mat is non-biodegradable and all paints used in the mat are made from environmental-friendly materials.

You can perfect your Acceleration and Alignment using the stroke guide feature. ProAdvanced ProInfinity Putting Mat allows the interaction of around 1 to 4 players simultaneously. With the little and proper care, you can use these mat for life.

Key Features:-

  1. 4 Speed Green Technology.
  2. Putt Tracing.
  3. Stroke Guide.
  4. Outstanding Product Design.
  5. Quality Materials and Construction.
  6. Built With Different Widgets.

What’s included in Box:-

  1. 6 pcs Moveable Foam Wedges.
  2. Top Quality Silicone Hole Cup.
  3. 1 Large and 1 Small Moveable Slope – Creators (Angle Adjustable).
  4. Moveable Metal Hole – Basket – Goal (Goal Target and Chipping Basket).
  5. Ball Backstop.
  6. Ball Trace Eraser Brush.
  7. Guide Book.

Type of Mat: – Normal Size Mat.

11) SKLZ Launch Pad – Golf Hitting Mat

SKLZ LaunchPad is an all-purpose hitting mat for practicing iron shots, drives and short games. Practically, this is a small mat which you can keep it in your backyard or even you can bring it to the golf course for playing different shots in the same plane. This mat offers different hitting surfaces like a trio of tees for hitting with oversized drivers, irons, or fairway wood, a fairway surface has a simulation of short grass, and a rough surface makes the conditions of swinging through a tough lie.

This LaunchPad comes with 3 tees for woods, drivers, and irons, by which you can play the different shots at one place. Because of these, you can practice your drives, iron shots, and the short game just anywhere. Also, its small size allows you to take it anywhere you wish to.

The high-quality and heavy-duty rubber mats do not slip while hitting the ball. It measures 1 by 2 feet and realistic grass surface simulates a genuine golf course feel which makes you a real golfer. The short and long tee provided with this mat, makes you practice each shot which is needed to play on the golf course.

Key Features:-

  1. All-Purpose Hitting Mat.
  2. Intentional Short Fairway Surface.
  3. Longer Rough Surface.
  4. Realistic Grass Surface.

What’s included in Box:-

  1. 1 x 2 Feet Hitting Mat.
  2. 3 Tees.

Type of Mat: – Hitting Area Mat.

12) Rukket Standing Golf Hitting Grass Mat

Rukket Standing Golf Hitting Grass Mat is a Realistic Fairway and Stance Alignment Graphic Golf Hitting Mat. The new Rukket Sports Mat Expander is to make sure that you are hitting from a leveled plane while giving you a graphic for your feet placement. This Level up Mat Expander fits all existing turf hitting mats. Simply, what you have to do with this mat is, once you buy this mat you have to buy one more turf hitting mat, Once you have both, attach the another turf hitting mat to this one and then you will stand on this hitting mat where letter “I” is marked and the keeping golf ball on attached mat you will Hit the Ball.

When you are practicing at home, and you want to feel as though you are on the golf course hitting your approach shots to the green. One of the main advantages of practicing shots from a level surface increases your consistency in your ball striking and it directly affects your real golf course skills. The unique alignment graphic feature allows you to set your feet up for practicing any type of shot you want. Whether you want to take high fade, low draw, stinger, or standard approach you will need right at your feet always.

The Cutouts on both long rectangular side of the mat fits all existing Turf Mats securely for extended practice sessions and also for home golf tournaments. Great portability allows you to set up the mat within seconds so, you can use it indoor or outdoor. Its extra-thick rubber base will keep the mat in a place where you have kept during your practice session and hitting long shots.

You can use the Rukket’s hitting mats so that it will perfectly fit in the cuts of the standing mat.

Key Features:-

  1. Alignment Graphic.
  2. Cut Outs For Mats.
  3. Heavy Duty Turf.
  4. Practice Year Round from Home.
  5. Built To Last 1000s of Swings.
  6. Wide 8 Square Feet Mat.
  7. Perfects Your Stance.
  8. Fits with all Turfs (Rukket Turf Recommended).

What’s included in Box:-

  1. Rukket Level Up Standing Mat.

Type of Mat: – Standing Mats cum Normal Size Mat.

13) FORB Pro Driving Range Golf Practice Mat

FORB Pro Driving Range Golf Practice Mat is a professional Hitting Mat which can be the perfect way to protect your grass from divots. You can keep this mat anywhere from the backyard to the driving range, if you use it with perfection you can experience the perfect shot conditions. Longevity is a guaranteed feature by the company with this pro hitting mat. 

Its 15mm artificial turf surface is perfectly suitable for all conditions, while the whilst base of the mat is made using heavy, anti-skid rubber technology. Every time they swing the club, this FORB Driving Range Practice mat will allow you to replicate perfect golf shot conditions. This mat is unique to other hitting mats, this one features a 5ft x 5ft hitting mat with a removable fairway mat on the side, which allows you to recreate conditions of a real golf course right on the greens.

The grass-like surface of this mat has been created using the 15mm artificial turf which, you can use for your constant practice time and also it will give you golf course-like feel with every shot you play. The artificial surface also ensures that this hitting mat can be used in any climatic conditions so that your practice will never stop at any clause. The included rubber tray holder is very useful to store golf balls during practice.

Key Features:-

  1. Premium Building Material.
  2. Divot-Free Grass.
  3. Dual Purpose Mat.
  4. Professional Practice Experience.
  5. Longevity.
  6. Anti-skid rubber Padding.

What’s included in Box:-

  1. FORB Pro Driving Range Golf Practice Mat.
  2. Pack of FORB F-5 Tour Quality Golf Balls.
  3. 3 Rubber Golf Tees (35mm, 45mm & 55mm).

Type of Mat: – Normal Size Mat.

14) Backyard & Indoor Practice Swing Golf Game Set

Backyard & Indoor Practice Swing Golf Game Set is a complete indoor golf practice kit which let you experience the full practice kit at one buy. The instant pop-up design of net has a highly elastic strap which makes the chipping net very easy to fold and easy to carry.

You will get the portable handbags with this kit in which can put six golf balls and the folding golf training chipping net. It is best suited for indoor as well as courtyards and gardens use. The net can be adjusted in three different heights, the different sizes of the goal net can accurate calculation control and swing height.

Turf Golf Hitting Grass Mat is 12” wide and 24” long. The mat has 5mm thick rubber base and 10mm high fairway turf. There is also a collapsible support bar to support the chipping net. The stable design of the mat with 2 ground stakes, allows the net to be stronger to absorb the impact of golf hits without flipping and moving around. You can set up this net inside the home or outside anywhere you like to practice it according to your comfort and you can make every shot more and more perfect at each session.

Key Features:-                                        

  1. Ultra-Portable Handbags.
  2. Perfect Size and Quality Material of Golf Mat.
  3. Three-Layer Golf Training Chipping Net.
  4. Wear-resistant.

What’s included in Box:-

  1. 1 Golf Chipping Net.
  2. 1 Driving Mat.
  3. 1 Rubber Golf Tee.
  4. 6 Standard Sponge Golf Balls.
  5. Carrying Bag.

Type of Mat: – Normal Size Mat.

15) GoSports BattleChip Versus Golf Game

GoSports BattleChip Versus Golf Game is an exciting hybrid between golf and cornhole for the ultimate outdoor golf game. It is great for all ages and for all levels of skill. You have to use your own golf club to complete this setup. The company recommends using a Wedge, Sand Wedge or Lob Wedge for experiencing the best results.

You can compete against your friends with over 9 holes of action and keep score on the included dry-erase scorecard. The pointing scheme is as follows – If your ball hits Board then consider 1 point, the front hole is worth 2 points, the center hole can give you 3 points and the back hole is of 5 points. The game can quickly be stored neatly into the carrying case till your next golf tournament.

Adding BattleChip Versus to your routine you can improve your chipping practice with increasing skills. It has 4 different ways to play, with your full family and friends, the 9 hole play can be the great golf enjoyment at any time of the day. BattleChip VERSUS is a guaranty product to get everyone up and moving and enjoying yard games just like you were playing at your old days.

Key Features:-

  1. Premium Construction.
  2. Tournament Play.
  3. Several Fun Games.
  4. Fully Portable.
  5. Great for all Ages and Abilities.
  6. Elevate your Chipping Skills.

What’s included in Box:-

  1. Two 3′ x 2′ Wood Framed Targets.
  2. Hitting Mat.
  3. 16 Foam Balls.
  4. Scorecard.
  5. Tote Bag.

Type of Mat: – Normal Size Mat cum Hitting Area Mat.


And that’s set, these are the best top 15 golf mats. May this list has helped you to choose your golf mat. After having a discussion with many golf players and daily practitioners, I with my team have created this list, so all products are just the recommendations of these golf players. I hope now you can do your practice daily, no matter where you are after buying one of the above product you will be able to do your practice just about anywhere. Let your inner golfer be flourished fully!