The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Golf Practice Mat

Golf Guide / Thursday, December 30th, 2021

The accurate golf practice mat is the establishment of an efficient indoor practice area. Mat size, feel, and toughness are all significant things. Learn what to look for and how to gauge the choices with your goals and budget in mind.

Determine a Golf Mat Size

Assuming you do not have a lot of room, you can search a golf mat that is just about as small as one foot by two feet . The drawback of small-sized mat is there isn’t sufficient space to stand on them for a realistic vibe. Consider going enlarging with a compact mat you can put away after you utilize it.

A golf mat of 5 ft by 5 ft is generally adequate for golf players around six feet tall . Measure your space with the ordinary distance your golf balls travel and the potential for kick back as a primary concern. Get ways to check out your space and picking the right size mat.

Best Golf Practice Mat

Consider the Shots You Want to Practice

Any legal golf mat should be able to deal with driving and chipping. Many, but not all, can deal with irons. Pick your mat keeping in mind your training objectives.

Assess Golf Mat Durability

Pick the most sturdy mat you can afford for enduring use. Many golf mats have a rubber base with a nylon surface, however the thickness of the base, the nature of the nylon, and the general thickness varies. The more sturdy golf mat, the heavier it will be. If you want to move and store your mat on daily basis, a lightweight, less sturdy but also affordable mat may be more suitable for you.

Select a Mat That Feels Like the Real Thing

More practical your golf mat is, the more your training shots will translate into links. Find the answers to these four questions when evaluating each mat:

  • Can you hit down and through the mat?
  • Does the mat have highlights that offset unnatural bounce and shock?
  • Is there sufficient enough variation in the hitting surface?
  • Would you be able to utilize wooden tees?

All in all, you need a mat that won’t stain or scratch your club. To make easier your search process, check product guarantees and reviews from your fellow golfers.