What Size Golf Mat Do I Need?

Golf Guide / Thursday, December 30th, 2021

A Guide To Golf Mat Sizes

Golf mats arrive in different kinds of shapes, sizes, and materials. So which one do you want? This article is pointed toward aiding you to choose!

Actually, the size of mat you really want simply should be large to the point of holding a golf ball with some additional room for your swing way. Something like the Fiberbuilt Flight Deck Golf Hitting Mat is a little hitting deck that you hit off of, however, don’t remain on. There is actually no necessary golf mat size. Rather, the size of your golf mat truly comes down to inclination. There are 3 classifications of mat sizes you can choose from.

                  Standard Size Golf Mats                                                                        Oversize Golf Mats

Standard Size Golf Mats            Oversize Golf Mats

                                                                            Complete Cover Golf Mats 

Complete Cover Golf Mats 

We will now briefly discuss why you would prefer one size over another.

Standard Size Golf Mats

These mats are regularly utilized. They are 3′-5′ long and 4′-8′ wide. They can cost from $200- $1000, depending on the material and size of the mat. In addition to hitting decks and pads, this will be your most economical golf mat. They provide enough space for the projection monitor to take on a full role with the remaining space. The downside to standard size mats is that they don’t fit for left and right-hand play as well as for large mats.

Another advantage is that without covering the entire turf from the mat to the net, golf balls will land on your ground. If you have wooden flooring under your golf simulator, you can easily damage your floor after a few shots. Or if you hit the concrete outside the house, the balls will be bouncing everywhere. Basically, unless you have carpet flooring you will need something to cover the area where your ball lands.

Oversize Golf Mats

These mats are around twofold the size of standard mats. Normally between 8′- 12′ long and 6′- 10′ wide. The incredible thing about these mats is that they normally cover the whole hitting region from mat to net. This makes the ball return a breeze and secures your floor guaranteeing the ball falls onto a tangled region. Many likewise include a focal hitting surface with a position region for both lefty’s and righty’s. This is pivotal assuming you have a golf test system that utilizes an overhead camera/sensor.

Overhead frameworks are typically long-lasting and require a particular setting of the golf ball. Hence, assuming you don’t have a focal hitting region, it makes it hard to oblige left and right-gave golf players. Golf mats like the Fiberbuilt Combo Golf Mat and Putting Green utilize the additional room off the mat for a putting surface. An extraordinary added component and redesign choice to the standard golf mat.

Complete Cover Golf Mats

These presumably don’t eligible as a golf mat. A superior term may be a ‘hitting surface’, as this choice is certainly not a solitary golf mat but a whole AstroTurf covering of an enormous region and in some cases the whole room. In many cases, these require a type of custom form. They are the most exorbitant golf mat choice however they are by a wide margin the most expert looking and give you bunches of adaptability. The disadvantage to these choices is that they are much more long-lasting – making it harder to supplant assuming things get worn.


Overall, the size of your golf mat will hinge on how much space you have available and your budget. Read our Best Golf Mats Guide to find out which golf mats you like best.